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#2211496 - 2023-09-26 23:41:04 Longevity in KP Astrology
albowu 離線
註冊: 2003-03-26
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Longevity in KP Astrology, आपकी आयु कितनी होगी, आप अलाप्यु होंगे जा दिरधायु

In Kp Astrology it is very easy to estimate the length of one’s life. The standard life span for this purpose is 120 years for human charts. It is divided into three parts:-

Short life (Alp Ayu):-It is 0-33 years.
Middle life (Madhya Ayu):-It is from 33-72 years.
Long life (Puran Ayu) :- It is from 75 ++ years.
Only during conjoined Dasha.. D/B/A/S [of 2/7/7 or 2/7/11 or 2/7/9] of both Badhak & Marak person will have final stages.
A) Short Life: Lagna cuspal sublord in starlord signifies ALL 3 B & M: 2-7-11 / 2-7-9 / 2-7-7 houses then the person will LIVE will 0 years to 30 yrs (+/- 3 years)
B) Medium Life: Lagna cuspal sublord in starlord signifies ANY 2 of B & M: 2-7/ 2-11/ 7-11/ 7-9 houses then the person will LIVE will 30 years to 60 yrs (+/- 3 years)
C) Long Life (Senior Citizen): Lagna cuspal sublord in starlord signifies ONLY 1 B & M: 2/7/11/9 house only then the person will LIVE will 60 years to 75 yrs (+/- 3 years)

#2211564 - 2023-09-27 13:45:40 Re: Longevity in KP Astrology [Re: albowu]
albowu 離線
註冊: 2003-03-26
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Longevity ( SHORT LIFE) Accident - K P Astrology

The video discusses how to determine a person's life span and the possibility of a short life span through astrological analysis, with a focus on accidents as a cause of death.

Son of fall from starcae 31/12/81
Date: 17 July, 1965, Saturday
Time of chart: 19: 10: 0 G.MT+05:30
KP New.Ayanamsa : 23* 17' 9"

Detailed Summary for []( by [Monica](

[00:00]( The video discusses how to determine if a person's life span is short based on their horoscope or birth chart.
- First Cuspal Subload can indicate a short life span if it signifies Maraka (1, 7, or 12) and Bhadaka (11 for movable sign, 9 for fixed sign, 7 for dual sign).
- 8 Cuspal Subload indicates a higher chance of death, especially if the life span is short.
- Accidental yoga or accidents may be a factor in a short life span.

[02:08]( KP Astrology predicts accidents based on the sub lord's signification and short lifespan promise in Dasha Book.
- KP Astrology differs from other astrology by predicting events only within the interval of Dasha Book.
- If the 8 Cusple Sub Lord signifies 4, 8, 12, 1, 2, or 3, the person may face an accident.
- If short lifespan is also promised, then the accident may occur within the interval of Dasha Book.
- Example given of a person who died from a fatal fall from the staircase.

[04:16]( The horoscope analysis indicates a short life span and potential for a bad death.
- Ascendant or first cuspal sub load is Jupiter with star load Mars
- Mars signifies 1,8,7,11,4
- Makar lagna is Char lagna, where 11th house is Badak house and 2,7,12 is Marak
- 8 cuspal sub load is Saturn with star load Jupiter
- Jupiter signifies the mode of death

[06:24]( The astrologer analyzes a horoscope and predicts an accidental death.
- The combination of accident is shown as 8, 4, 12 and 4, 8, 12.
- Mode of delivery from 8 Caspal sub-load is important to determine if an individual's life is short.
- The person's death was due to falling from the staircase.
- Saturn is the 8th Caspal sub-load and its position in Aquarius signifies Vayu Tattva.

[08:32]( This section discusses the connection between planetary signs and longevity.
- Saturn is the star associated with longevity.
- Jupiter is the sign of Saturn.
- Taurus is the sign of Earth.
- Falling from the sky can cause death.
- Longevity is a potential cause of death.
#2212013 - 2023-09-30 22:50:41 Re: Longevity in KP Astrology [Re: albowu]
albowu 離線
註冊: 2003-03-26
文章數: 673
my friend's son, who was born on 2nd January 1997 at a place called Bareilly in UP, Uttar Pradesh, at 10.22 am
and the child passed away on 10th of February 1997, so barely two months.
我朋友的兒子,他於1997年1月2日在 北方邦巴雷利出生,上午10點22分。

Hello friends, in my last video on longevity, which is longevity part one, I told you that we would be discussing this particular chart that I have open in front of you and regarding longevity.

And I told you that this chart belonged to my friend's son, who was born on 2nd January 1997 at a place called Bareilly in UP, Uttar Pradesh, at 10.22 am, that is in the morning. He had given me this chart for his son as the child was not doing very well.

He was apprehensive of his health and what lay in store for him. So he gave me this chart. And as I told you in the last video where we discussed the principles and the rules regarding judgment of longevity in Krishnamurti Paddhati.

I told you that I was very emphatic on the point that the time of birth has to be noted you know very very correctly. Since it is a judgment of longevity, prediction and then conveying the message is a very very sensitive matter so the time of birth is of essence and of utmost importance.

And in this case the time of birth is of essence and of utmost importance and in this case the time of birth was noted very precisely because he is a very close friend of mine and I had told him you know to note down the time of birth very very correctly so that I could see the horoscope you know as and when he wanted me to see it.

So he gave me this horoscope since the child was not keeping well, he was worried. So let's see, let's see how this horoscope, you know, goes regarding longevity. The small child born and I judge this horoscope.

See now here we discuss the principles and rules of longevity the most important thing in judging longevity is you know the sub-lord of the ascendant okay now here you can see you can see this cursor the ascendant is Aquarius in this chart okay and Aquarius is a fixed sign now I have written also for your reference, I have put down a small noting here. Aquarius is a fixed sign. So, Badakhshan is the 9th house. Okay, now we have to see first of all to judge longevity, whether short longevity, long or middle longevity is promised we have to see what the sublord of the ascendant promises okay so here the sublord of the ascendant is Mercury as you can see in this chart also you see this cuspal position chart I have enlarged this chart in this horoscope you know for for a clear presentation so we can see that here the, I'll make it just slightly more visible for you. Yeah, you see this cuspal table, the sublord of the first cusp that is the ascendant is Mercury. Okay, and follow the cursor.

Now I have noted down also here ascendant sublord is Mercury which is in the star of Venus which owns ninth house and is placed in the 10th. This is the 9th house Libra which is owned by Venus and where is Venus? Venus is in the 10th house.

So now the 9th house is the Badhaka house for fixed ascendants and the 10th house as discussed in the last presentation on longevity. 10th house as discussed in the last presentation on longevity. 10th house is also not a good house or positive house for longevity.

So now what does the sub-lord of the ascendant Mercury denote? It signifies both the 9th as well as the 10th house very very strongly and as you can see in Libra there are no planets. So through Venus, owner of the ninth house and posited in the tenth house the sub-lord Mercury strongly signifies the ninth house which is the Badaksthana. Okay so Mercury here I have written so Mercury signifies Badaksthana very very very strongly.

Now look again the Mercury is also is in rapt conjunction with Sun. Okay. Mercury is in rapt conjunction with Sun. You see follow this cursor here. Here is Sun at 18 degrees and here is Mercury at 17 degrees. They are in rapt conjunction.

So in Krishnamurti Paddhati you know planets in conjunction, close conjunction with each other will give the result of each other also. So Mercury would also give the result of Sun. Now what does Sun denote? What does Sun denote? I have written over here that Sun which is also in the star of Venus. Okay Sun is also in the star of Venus so through Venus Sun also signifies the ninth and the tenth house so again the signification of the sub Lord of the Ascendant that Mercury is strengthened by its being in wrapped conjunction with Sun okay and then Sun is see now Sun again here is the owner of the seventh house owner of the seventh house in the seventh house happens to be Marakshana for any any any horoscope any ascendant. Okay so now again Mercury as the sub Lord gains signification of the seventh house also which is the Marak Spana.

Now again, let's see now. Rahu in this horoscope is in Virgo. So Rahu represents what? Rahu again represents Mercury. So now Rahu represents Mercury. So Mercury is colored by Rahu. So Mercury So Marakri is giving a sermon. Marakri is talking about the river in the class and the river is the sermon. Rahu is talking about the river and the river is the sermon. Rahu is talking about the river and the river is the sermon that is being talked about.

He is watching, he is watching what is being talked about, what is being talked about.। see second house here the second cusp and the sub-lord is Rahu. So again the sub-lord of the ascendant Mercury it's you know there is no saving grace from anywhere as far as the longevity question in this chart is concerned.

So it assumes very you know frightening proportions as well as as far as when it comes to longevity of this child. See, note that the child was born, note that **the child was born on 2nd January 1997 and the child passed away on 10th of February 1997**, so barely two months.

So now this, I mean, this absolutely leaves no scope for the child to have any chances of survival beyond this. This combination is called Balarishta Yoga. Balarishta is extremely short life. Now we were discussing Rahu. Rahu is the significator of the second house and is also as you see the cursor it is also a significator of the eighth house.

Now it may be the second, see in KP last video I had also told you that cuspal sub lords you know whichever any planet that signifies that is the sub Lord of a cusp if that planet does not have any planets in its own star then that planet becomes a very very strong significator of the cusp in question the cusp whose sub Lord it is so here Rahu it is the sub Lord of the second house as well as the eighth house and there are no planets in Rahu star.

See this, come to this, see follow the cursor, come to the planetary positions on the top of this table. See these are the star lords and Rahu. Rahu doesn't appear here. So that means there are no planets in Rahu signifies the second house, that is the Maraka house, very very strongly and the eighth house, which is the house, which is a dangerous house.

So where is the saving grace? Mercury as sub-lord of the ascendant is cursed with all the makings, all the manifestations of this yoga that we call Balarishta. Now as we had talked in the last video, **we also the life-giving houses are the first house, the third house and the eighth house**. If they are weak or if they have connections with the Marka and Badhka houses and planets then longevity is extremely short. Okay so now look we have to discuss the third house.

Third house sub-lord is Ketu. See you can see from the table here third house third cusp sub-lord is Ketu. Now what does Ketu signify? The sub-lord Ketu is also sub-lord of the 9th house. 9th house is the Bhadka house. And there are no planets again. See 9th house we can see sub-lord is Ketu. And there are no planets in the star of Ketu which we can again you know we can again confirm from this column see Ketu does not appear here so Ketu again very strongly signifies the ninth house ninth house ninth cusp because because it is because it does not have any stars because it's sorry not stars does not have any planets and stars so it is a strong significant of the ninth house so the third house is rendered weak okay so and Ketu signifies both the third as well as the ninth house is already discussed it is sub Lord now we have to see the eighth house also because as we discussed in the last video, the life-giving houses are the first that we have already discussed about, third discussed now and the eighth.

So the eighth also we have discussed because the eighth sub-lord is Rahu. It is already discussed and its manifestations as you know Maraka and Badhaka connections. It's already discussed so there's no point in discussing it again.

Now Dasha Bhukta, once we have judged the longevity, whether the promised longevity is short, long, middling, then we have to see. Suppose in this case you know the the longevity appears to be judged as extremely short. So now when is the death going to take place? For that we have to match our analysis with the Dashaabhais or Antarabhais or Bhaktibhais predictions as we all do.

I hope this video is you know I hope I was able to explain clearly these notes are here and written in front of you if there's any confusion you can always get back to me share your comments with me and request you to subscribe to my channel and I shall be putting in you know more and more such videos and try to do this in Hindi also as I did in the first video that I launched which was on the Delhi elections and later I converted that, I translated that into a Hindi video also in KG 1 and 1 and that was also launched up to 3 days back back this video is on longevity this is longevity judgment of longevity part two i shall do it in hindi also maybe by this evening or maybe in a couple of days so thank you so much for watching please subscribe and please click on the bell icon so that you know whenever i release a video you can get direct notifications thank you thank video you can get direct notifications. Thank you, thank you so much, thank you so much for watching and bye bye. See you.

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