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#2176359 - 2022-08-07 08:39:22 Flash Points in the World – Taiwan
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用國家成立的時間 分析台灣的運勢 跟大陸 美國 互動的關係

裡面有用到好幾個 印度占星技巧 很值得看
國運盤 Vimshottari Dasha Chara Dasha
年運盤 印度新年盤

Flash Points in the World – Taiwan

Based on the planetary conditions conflict seems to be happening for one of Taiwan’s islands from 3 May 2022 onwards. Taiwan will be able to safeguard itself this year. There would be many challengein Moon-Saturn dasha which starts in July 2023. China would be working with guile and cunning behavior in Mercury Maha dasha.

The current Maha dasha is Moon where Taiwan will be able to safeguard its interest due to good placement of Moon in the fourth house. However, challenges will continue to trouble them. Mars mahadasha starts from April 2029 and from 2028 onwards there would be troubles expected in Taiwan.

Last few years have proven that humankindis bent on destroying itself for their greed for power and money. May lord Krishna bless all with wisdom and foresight and protect the earth.

Taiwan from 2 August 2022 - Part 2

US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi visited Taiwan amid 'warnings' from China on 2 August 9:04 PM. Her visit has aggravated the already fragile relations between China and Taiwan. The dasha of Moon-Jup-Sat-Jup started from that day evening. Jupiter is the 9th and 12th lord and is conjunct with 6th lord Mercury and seventh lord Venus.
Nancy's timing is disastrous as Rahu and Mars are transiting in Lagna close to Lagna degree, Kendra has malefic planets and both Saturn and Jupiter are retrograde. Transit Moon the fourth lord of land is transiting in 6th house at close degree over natal Mars and Ketu.
This shows a very sharp increase in tensions. The fate of Taiwan is hanging by a thread.
China began large-scale military exercises around the island on 4th August and has blockaded Taiwan’s borders.
Mars would be transiting at lagna degree on 6th August and danger will remain till Mars moves to Taurus which would happen on 11th August. So 6-11 August is very critical time for Taiwan and China would escalate the situation. Some harm will definitely come to Taiwan at this time but an outright attack on its capital will not happen.
From 13 August Moon-Jup-Sat-Mercury is starting. The imminent threat will be removed but severe sanctions could be imposed on Taiwan.
The vargottam Moon’s Maha dasha will protect Taiwan, though by thread.

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