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Hexagram 45 Gathering Together [Massing]
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Expression In (the state denoted by) Cuì, the king will repair to his ancestral temple. It will be advantageous (also) to meet with the great man; and then there will be progress and success, though the advantage must come through firm correctness. The use of great victims will conduce to good fortune; and in whatever direction movement is made, it will be advantageous.
Judgement Gathering Together. Success. The king approaches his temple. It furthers one to see the great man. This brings success. Perseverance furthers. To bring great offerings creates good fortune. It furthers one to undertake something.
Image Over the earth, the lake. Image of Gathering Together. Thus the superior man renews his weapons In order to meet the unforseen.
      Expression: Lamenting and sighing, floods of tears. No blame.
Image: 'He sighs and weeps:'--he does not yet rest in his topmost position.
  Expression: If in gathering together one has position, this brings no blame. If there are some who are not yet sincerely in the work, sublime and enduring perseverance is needed. Then remorse disappears.
Image: 'There is the union (of all) under him in the place of dignity:'--(but) his mind and aim have not yet been brilliantly displayed.
  Expression: Great good fortune. No blame.
Image: 'If he be grandly fortunate, he will receive no blame:'--(this condition is necessary, because) his position is not the one proper to him.
      Expression: Gathering together amid sighs. Nothing that would further. Going is without blame. Slight humiliation.
Image: 'If he go forward, he will not err:'--in the subject of the topmost line there is humility and condescension.
      Expression: Letting oneself be drawn brings good fortune and remains blameless. If one is sincere, tt furthers one to bring even a small offering.
Image: 'He is led forward; there will be good fortune, and freedom from error:'--(the virtue proper to) his central place has not undergone any change.
      Expression: If you are sincere, but not to the end, there will sometimes be confusion, sometimes gathering together. If you call out, then after one grasp of the hand you can laugh again. Regret not. Going is without blame.
Image: 'In consequence disorder is brought into the sphere of his union:'--his mind and aim are thrown into confusion.