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DestinyNet Data Mining

Gauquelin's Famous "Mars Effect" Chart

For a long time , horoscope's statistics has been many astrologers' goal, but most astrologers are not easy to gather horoscopes of the same type , or not well-trained in data-gathering and statistics. Many astrologers just infer some conclusion from a few data gathered.

To solve this problem , we gathered thousands of birth data, including sport champions, doctors, scientist, military men, painters, musisians, actors, writers, and journalists. They all excel in their job. These data are all collected by France's famous doctor , Michel Gauquelin. We then use Data Mining related algorithm , with our well-designed APIs , to build a rudimentary prediction model.

To ease of training, we categorize Gauquelin's data into five main categories : sportmen , doctors/scientists , military men , art (paingers / musicians/ actors) , and writer/journalists.

Our rudimentary training shows, we can achieve over 50% precision (note : because of five main categories , average precision is 20%), next artists is 40% , then 30% of doctors/scitentists. Writers/journalists' precision is below average.

We 'web-ize' our model for everyone to use. Everybody can input your birth data , location, and we will tell you which category you may belong to.