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Hexagram 7 The Army
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Expression Shi indicates how, in the case which it supposes, with firmness and correctness, and (a leader of) age and experience, there will be good fortune and no error.
Judgement The Army. The army needs perseverance and a strong man. Good fortune without blame.
Image In the middle of the earth is water: The image of the Army. Thus the superior man increases his masses by generosity toward the people.
      Expression: The great prince issues commands, Founds states, vests families with fiefs. Inferior people should not be employed.
Image: 'The great ruler delivers his charges:'--thereby he rightly apportions merit. 'Small men should not be employed:'--they are sure to throw the states into confusion.
      Expression: There is game in the field. It furthers one to catch it. Without blame. Let the eldest lead the army. The younger transports corpses; Then perseverance brings misfortune.
Image: 'The oldest son leads the host:'--its movements are directed by him in accordance with his position in the centre. 'Younger men idly occupy their positions:'--the employment of such men is improper.
      Expression: The army retreats. No blame.
Image: 'The host is in retreat; but there is no error:'--there has been no failure in the regular course.
      Expression: Perchance the army carries corpses in the wagon. Misfortune.
Image: 'The host with the possibility of its having many idle leaders:'--great will be its want of success.
  Expression: In the midst of the army. Good fortune. No blame. The king bestows a triple decoration.
Image: 'He is in the midst of the host, and there will be good fortune:'--he has received the favour of Heaven. 'The king has thrice conveyed to him the orders (of) his favour:'--(the king) cherishes the myriad regions in his heart.
      Expression: An army must set forth in proper order. If the order is not good, misfortune threatens.
Image: 'The host goes forth according to the rules (for) such a movement:'--if those rules be not observed, there will be evil.