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Hexagram 60 Limitation
Expression Jié intimates that (under its conditions) there will be progress and attainment. (But) if the regulations (which it prescribes) be severe and difficult, they cannot be permanent.
Judgement Limitation. Success. Galling limitation must not be persevered in.
Image Water over lake. Image of Limitation. Thus the superior man Creates number and measure, And examines the nature of virtue and correct conduct.
      Expression: Galling limitation. Perseverance brings misfortune. Remorse disappears.
Image: 'The regulations are severe and difficult. Even with firm correctness there will be evil:'--the course (indicated by The Judgment) is come to an end.
  Expression: Sweet limitation brings good fortune. Going brings esteem.
Image: 'The good fortune arising from the regulations enacted sweetly and acceptably' is due to (the line) occupying the place (of authority) and being in the centre.
      Expression: Contented limitation. Success.
Image: 'The progress and success of the quiet and natural (attention) to all regulations' is due to the deference which accepts the ways of (the ruler) above.
      Expression: He who knows no limitation will have cause to lament. No blame.
Image: In 'the lamentation for not observing the (proper) regulations,' who should there be to blame?
  Expression: Not going out of the gate and the courtyard brings misfortune.
Image: 'He does not quit the courtyard inside his gate. There will be evil:'--he loses the time (for action) to an extreme degree.
  Expression: Not going out of the door and the courtyard is without blame.
Image: 'He does not quit the courtyard outside his door:'--he knows when he has free course and when he is obstructed.