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命理網論命平台 新功能:快速排盤 (方便手機用戶使用)
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Hexagram 50 The Caldron
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Expression Dǐng gives the intimation of great progress and success.
Judgement The Caldron. Supreme good fortune. Success.
Image Fire over wood. Image of the Caldron. Thus the superior man consolidates his fate By making his position correct.
  Expression: The ting has rings of jade. Great good fortune. Nothing that would not act to further.
Image: 'The rings of jade' are at the very top:--the strong and the weak meet in their due proportions.
      Expression: The ting has yellow handles, golden carrying rings. Perseverance furthers.
Image: 'The caldron has yellow ears:'--the central position (of the line) is taken as (a proof of) the solid (virtue of its subject).
  Expression: The legs of the ting are broken. The prince's meal is spilled and his person is soiled. Misfortune.
Image: 'The contents designed for the ruler's use are overturned and spilt:'--how can (the subject of the line) be trusted?
  Expression: The handle of the ting is altered. One is impeded in his way of life. The fat of the pheasant is not eaten. Once rain falls, remorse is spent. Good fortune comes in the end.
Image: 'There is the caldron with (the places for) its ears changed:'--(its subject) has failed in what was required of him (in his situation).
  Expression: There is food in the ting. My comrades are envious, but they cannot harm me. Good fortune.
Image: 'There is the caldron with the things (to be cooked) in it:'--let (the subject of the line) be careful where he goes. 'My enemy dislikes me:'--but there will in the end be no fault (to which he can point).
      Expression: A ting with legs upturned. Furthers removal of stagnating stuff. One takes a concubine for the sake of her son. No blame.
Image: 'The caldron is overturned, and its feet turned upwards:'--but this is not (all) contrary (to what is right). 'There will be advantage in getting rid of what was bad:'--thereby (the subject of the line) will follow the more noble (subject of the fourth line).