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Hexagram 48 The Well
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Expression (Looking at) Jǐng, (we think of) how (the site of) a town may be changed, while (the fashion of) its wells undergoes no change. (The water of a well) never disappears and never receives (any great) increase, and those who come and those who go can draw and enjoy the benefit. If (the drawing) have nearly been accomplished, but, before the rope has quite reached the water, the bucket is broken, this is evil.
Judgement The Well. The town may be changed, But the well cannot be changed. It neither decreases nor increases. They come and go and draw from the well. If one gets down almost to the water And the rope does not go all the way, Or the jug breaks, it brings misfortune.
Image Water over wood. Image of the Well. Thus the superior man encourages the people at their work, And exhorts them to help one another.
      Expression: One draws from the well without hindrance. It is dependable. Supreme good fortune.
Image: 'The great good fortune' at the topmost place indicates the grand accomplishment (of the idea in The Judgment).
  Expression: In the well there is a clear, cold spring from which one can drink.
Image: 'The waters from the cold spring are (freely) drunk:'--this is indicated by the central and correct position (of the line).
      Expression: The well is being lined. No blame.
Image: 'A well the lining of which is well laid. There will be no error:'--the well has been put in good repair.
  Expression: The well is cleaned, but no one drinks from it. This is my heart's sorrow, for one might draw from it. If the king were clear-minded, good fortune might be enjoyed in common.
Image: 'The well has been cleared out, but is not used:'--(even) passers-by would be sorry for this. A prayer is made 'that the king were intelligent:'--for then blessing would be received.
  Expression: At the wellhole one shoots fishes. The jug is broken and leaks.
Image: 'A well from which by a hole the water escapes, and flows away to the shrimps:'--(the subject of this second line has) none co-operating with him (above).
      Expression: One does not drink the mud of the well. No animals come to an old well.
Image: 'A well so muddy that men will not drink of it:'--this is indicated by the low position (of the line). 'An old well to which the birds do not come:'--it has been forsaken in the course of time.