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命理網論命平台 新功能:快速排盤 (方便手機用戶使用)
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Hexagram 40 Deliverance
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Expression In (the state indicated by) Xiè advantage will be found in the south-west. If no (further) operations be called for, there will be good fortune in coming back (to the old conditions). If some operations be called for, there will be good fortune in the early conducting of them.
Judgement Deliverance. The southwest furthers. If there is no longer anything where one has to go, Return brings good fortune. If there is still something where one has to go, Hastening brings good fortune.
Image Thunder and rain set in. Image of Deliverance. Thus the superior man pardons mistakes And forgives misdeeds.
      Expression: The prince shoots at a hawk on a high wall. He kills it. Everything serves to further.
Image: 'A prince with his bow shoots a falcon:'--thus he removes (the promoters of) rebellion.
      Expression: If only the superior man can deliver himself, it brings good fortune. Thus he proves to inferior men that he is in earnest.
Image: When 'the superior man executes his function of removing (whatever is injurious to the idea of The Judgment),' small men will of themselves retire.
  Expression: Deliver yourself from your great toe. Then the companion comes, and him you can trust.
Image: 'Remove your toes:'--the places (of this line and of the third and first) are all inappropriate to them.
      Expression: If a man carries a burden on his back and nonetheless rides in a carriage, he thereby encourages robbers to draw near. Perseverance leads to humiliation.
Image: For 'a porter with his burden to be riding in a carriage' is a thing to be ashamed of. 'It is he himself that tempts the robbers to come:'--on whom besides can we lay the blame?
  Expression: One kills three foxes in the field and receives a yellow arrow. Perseverance brings good fortune.
Image: 'The good fortune springing from the firm correctness of the second NINE, (undivided),' is due to its subject holding the due mean.
      Expression: Without blame.
Image: The strong (fourth) line and the weak line here are in correlation:--we judge rightly in saying that 'its subject will commit no error.'