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Hexagram 37 The Family [The Clan]
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Expression For (the realisation of what is taught in) Jiā Rén, (or for the regulation of the family), what is most advantageous is that the wife be firm and correct.
Judgement The Family. The perseverance of the woman furthers.
Image Wind comes forth from fire. Image of the Family. Thus the superior man has substance in his words And duration in his way of life.
  Expression: His work commands respect. In the end good fortune comes.
Image: 'The good fortune connected with the display of majesty' describes (the result of) the recovery of the true character.
  Expression: As a king he approaches his family. Fear not. Good fortune.
Image: 'The influence of the king extends to his family:'--the intercourse between them is that of mutual love.
      Expression: She is the treasure of the house. Great good fortune.
Image: 'The family is enriched, and there is great good fortune:'--this is due to the docility (belonging to the subject of the line), and its being in its correct place.
  Expression: When tempers flare up in the family, too great severity brings remorse. Good fortune nonetheless. When woman and child dally and laugh, it leads in the end to humiliation.
Image: When 'the members of the household are treated with stern severity,' there has been no (great) failure (in the regulation of the family). When 'wife and children are smirking and chattering,' the (proper) economy of the family has been lost.
      Expression: She should not follow her whims. She must attend within to the food. Perseverance brings good fortune.
Image: 'The good fortune attached to the second SIX, (divided),' is due to the docility (of its subject), operating with humility.
  Expression: Firm seclusion within the family. Remorse disappears.
Image: 'He establishes restrictive regulations in his household:--(he does so), before any change has taken place in their wills.