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Hexagram 36 Darkening of the Light
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Expression Míng Yí indicates that (in the circumstances which it denotes) it will be advantageous to realise the difficulty (of the position), and maintain firm correctness.
Judgement Darkening of the Light. In adversity It furthers one to be persevering.
Image The light has sunk into the earth. Image of Darkening of the Light. Thus does the superior man live with the great mass: He veils his light, yet still shines.
      Expression: Not light but darkness. First he climbed up to heaven, Then he plunged into the depths of the earth.
Image: 'He had at first ascended to (the top of) the sky:'--he might have enlightened the four quarters of the kingdom. 'His future shall be to go into the earth:'--he has failed to fulfil the model (of a ruler).
      Expression: Darkening of the light as with Prince Ki. Perseverance furthers.
Image: 'With the firm correctness of the count of Kî,' his brightness could not be (quite) extinguished.
      Expression: He penetrates the left side of the belly. One gets at the very heart of the darkening of the light, and leaves gate and courtyard.
Image: 'He has (just) entered into the left side of the belly (of the dark land):'--he is still able to carry out the idea in his (inner) mind.
  Expression: Darkening of the light during the hunt in the south. Their great leader is captured. One must not expect perseverance too soon.
Image: With the aim represented by 'hunting in the south' a great achievement is accomplished.
      Expression: Darkening of the light injures him in the left thigh. He gives aid with the strength of a horse. Good fortune.
Image: 'The good fortune of (the subject of) the second SIX, divided,' is due to the proper fashion of his acting according to his circumstances.
  Expression: Darkening of the light during flight. He lowers his wings. The superior man does not eat for three days on his wanderings. But he has somewhere to go. The host has occasion to gossip about him.
Image: 'The superior man (is revolving his) going away:'--(in such a case) he feels it right not to eat.