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Hexagram 17 Following
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Expression Suí indicates that (under its conditions) there will be great progress and success. But it will be advantageous to be firm and correct. There will (then) be no error.
Judgement Following has supreme success. Perseverance furthers. No blame.
Image Thunder in the middle of the lake: The image of Following. Thus the superior man at nightfall goes indoors for rest and recuperation.
      Expression: He meets with firm allegiance and is still further bound. The king introduces him to the Western Mountain.
Image: 'The sincerity is firmly held and clung to, as shown in the topmost line:'--(the idea of The Judgment) has reached its extreme development.
  Expression: Sincere in the good. Good fortune.
Image: 'He is sincere in fostering what is excellent:'--his position is correct and in the centre.
  Expression: Following creates success. Perseverance brings misfortune. To go one's way with sincerity brings clarity. How could there be blame in this?
Image: 'He is followed and obtains adherents:'--according to the idea (of The Judgment), this is evil. 'He is sincere in his course:'--showing his intelligence, and leading to achievement.
      Expression: If one clings to the strong man, one loses the little boy. Through following one finds what one seeks. It furthers one to remain persevering.
Image: 'He cleaves to the man of age and experience:'--by the decision of his will, he abandons (the youth) below.
      Expression: If one clings to the little boy, one loses the strong man.
Image: 'He cleaves to the little boy:'--he cannot be with the two at the same time.
  Expression: The standard is changing. Perseverance brings good fortune. To go out of the door in company produces deeds.
Image: 'He is changing the object of his pursuit:'--but if he follow what is correct, there will be good fortune. 'He goes beyond (his own) gate to find associates:'--he will not fail (in the method he pursues).