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Badge Name Users Qualifications
EightWords user 8188 Use DestinyNet's EightWords tool
Purple user 7629 Use DestinyNet's Purple tool
Diviner 4278 Use DestinyNet's Divine tool
Horoscoper 1409 Use DestinyNet's Horoscope tool
Careful 840 Use DestinyNet's HourConfirm or True Solar Time program
Purple researcher 687 Often use DestinyNet's Purple tool
Ptolemy 615 Interested in Classical Astrology
EightWords researcher 558 Often use DestinyNet's EightWords tool
Gossipy 335 Gossipest in one day
Earth Science 268 Use SolarTerms or LunarPhase Programs
Gossipy 149 Gossipest in an hour
Oracle King! 147 Get King of Oracle in Sixty clauses!
Fan of Zhuge_Liang 128 Often use DestinyNet's Chuge Oracles
Supporter 19 Vote up for some comment in IChing
Junior Commentator 10 Comments Voted Up in IChing
Earth Scientist 9 Often uses DestinyNet's SolarTerms , LunarPhase's programs.
William Lilly 8 Often uses DestinyNet's Classical Astrology program
Collector 6 Collect other's comments in IChing
Top Commentator 3 Over 100 IChing comments in one month, outstanding contribution!
Favorited 2 One comment favorited twice or more by others.
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